How SmartEntry

work in Schools?

School is the second home for children. This is why Parents choose the best school to ensure their child’s safety. SmartEntry ensures the safety of the School’s premises by monitoring who goes in and out of the school. With SmartEntry, you won’t have to worry about your child’s safety.

Secure and Simplify School Visitor Management

Safety is one of the priorities of Schools. It is important to keep track of who’s coming in and out of the School. Smart Entry utilizes visitor registration with biometrics technology to ensure the safety of the children at school. It also simplifies the registration process for visitors by typing in their information in SmartEntry. Get rid of the traditional Logbook and long lines, SmartEntry will automatically record the visitor’s data as well as the sign in time and sign out time of the visitors

Data Management for Staff, Students and Guests

Get rid of handwritten registration by integrating SmartEntry. Register easily online or on-site eliminating paper registrations and encoding. Information of School Staff, Teachers and Admin are recorded on database for faster auditing and data access.

Keeps Track of all visitors

SmartEntry keeps record of all visitor information. This eliminates manual registration and implements fluid lobby traffic. It also helps protect the school from unwanted visitors.


Students that come in late or leave early are easy to record, process and report on. SmartEntry keeps student information that can be accessed by the admin.


Simplify Employee’s Daily Time Log by using SmartEntry. It saves record that makes it easy to manage daily time record.


SmartEntry keeps track of Guests and Visitors Information for security and future purposes. Parents with records can easily log in and log out.

Parents and visitors will have complete peace of mind knowing that the School provides this convenient security. SmartEntry can also increase credibility and reliability of the School.

The applications are limitless

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