A place where guest can enjoy the comfort and luxury of their stay. Let your guests
control the door locks, lights, temperature, tv and music using their smart devices.
The Smart Hotel delivers exceptional experience for guests and staff.

The Smart Hotel Solution works with established hotels or new construction hotels to
adapt the convenience of integrating smart automation.
This will provide a pleasant stay for travelers and a operational efficiency for the


In hotel business, guest experience
has always been the top priority.
Smart Hotel Solution provides the
ability to let guests personalize their
room. It also enhances operational
efficiency through smooth
communication of guests and staff.

Display Service

Guests can check in or out of the hotel
using their mobile devices or an on-site
kiosk, allowing them to skip the line at
the front desk. The display also
provides hotel information, room rates,
travel tours, advisories and other
service information.

Automation and Entertainment

Guests can enjoy the convenience of having the
control over their room. Adjust the lighting and
temperature for more relaxing ambience.
Experience entertainment by playing music or
videos available on the touch screen display.


Through a menu interface, guests can request
items or services specifically for their needs
enabling the staff to respond promptly. The
smooth process of requests can lead to a higher
level of trust between the guest and hotel leaving
a good impression on guests.

Sensors and Security

Ensure guest security using the RFID card provided as their
access key. Occupancy sensors can detect when the guest has
entered the room and activate the lights and temperature
control. Alternately, lights and temperature can be controlled
by having the guest insert their room key into a reader near
the door.

Optimized Communication

Enhances operational efficiency through smooth communication of
guests and staff

Improved Information Display

Guests can check in and out of the hotel using Information and
interactive displays allowing them to skip lines on the front desk

Enhance Guests Experience.

Discover what Smart Hotel can do for you.