Smarter Healthcare is a patient experience, employee and innovation focused place of efficiency where systems are integrated across the continuum of care and the shift from volume to value has been realized.

How Smarter Healthcare Works for you

  • Smart Intercom
  • Announcements
  • Tenant Notification
  • Patient's Room Assistance


Using Vivex IP Paging Systems

Vivex IP Paging Systems enhance the way of Hospital communication to different areas by providing a platform to effectively distribute information. In the past, deploying a new technology required extensive changes in infrastructure. With Vivex IP Paging solution, it allows flexibility and helps avoid new construction or remodeling of existing facility.


Using Vivex and DoorTalk™

DoorTalk™ is the evolution of entry point access control that integrates pin authentication, face & motion detection, and video intercom into a single solution.


Communicate a specific message to a predefined group. This helps avoid disrupting other areas of the hospital.


Send an audio message to all IP speakers throughout the hospital. This is commonly used in relaying announcements and emergency broadcasts.


Set message by duration, frequency, time, and preferred location or group of speakers.

On-Demand Video Call

See your guests when you talk to them through your smart device. Get notified when someone is within your property even if you are on the go.

Face & Motion Detection

Any detected movement within the 5-meter range triggers the autofocus camera to activate and capture an image.

Remote Door Control

Set message by duration, frequency, time, and preferred location or group of speakers.

The applications are limitless

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