Smart Digital
Communication System

for businesses, integrating
headquarters, operations and the field.

Centralize all incoming and outgoing information through the REACH Communications Command Center

Real-time one-to-one or one-to-many messaging

Synchronize time across the organization

Our Product Lines

  • LED Outdor Monochrome Display
  • LED Indoor Monochrome Display
  • LED Digital Clocks

Reach LED Display Features

Work in unison through time synchronization

Synchronize your time across the organization with the Philippine Standard Time (PST) with the GPS function, reducing late and delays with meetings, receivables and deliverables.

Send Real-Time target messages within your organization

Send locally targeted messages with the REACH Message Broadcasting application. This allows your business to send announcement and receive feedback instantly.

Real-time one-to-many messaging

Broadcast messages up to a hundred LED displays with just one click, allowing more people to see your announcements immediately, saving time and reducing messaging delays.

Monitor incoming and outgoing information

This LED display comes with a centralized messaging system, allowing you to track every message sent across your organization.

At NTEK Systems, we understand the importance of communication as an essential factor to the development of every business. However, barriers to effective communication arise, such as messaging delays, distance, and fidelity, leading to inefficiency within the organization.

REACH solves these issues by keeping all levels of your organization informed.

NTEK Systems products enhance personal lifestyles and entrepreneurial connections. We create and provide unique products for the safety and growth of homes, businesses, and government agencies from product conceptualization to manufacturing and customer relationship management.