Medibox is an android based, multi-diagnostic device that measures, monitors and records health data of a patient using innovative medical technology. It is developed to make health tests accessible and cost efficient to health workers and patients. It can also be connected using 3G and WiFi connection for transmitting medical information from different locations.

Multiple Diagnostics

Medibox incorporates patient's 4 basic diagnostic tests including Electrocardiographic Test (ECG), NIBP, Blood Oxygen, and Temperature simultaneously in a matter of minutes.

Data Accessibility

Lets health worker access patient's medical history through its data storage feature. All the necessary health information can be viewed through its data storage. It saves time in locating hard copy files of patient's medical data.

Real-Time Results

Provides actual time of data results after conducting diagnostic tests. Patients will no longer have to wait long hours or even days in waiting. The device can immediately send the results to a doctor or specialist for faster diagnosis.

Optional Diagnostic


Blood Sugar