Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • 1. When was NTEK Systems founded?

    NTEK Systems Incorporated was established in January 2004.

  • 2. Where is NTEK's corporate headquarters?

    NTEK Systems is located at Unit A, Topy Building 1, #3 Economia St., Brgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Philippines. Click to see map.

  • 3. What is NTEK's business model?

    We operate as both Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). Know more about our Solutions.

  • 4. What products do NTEK carry?

    Since our inception in 2004, we grew from delivering video surveillance technology solutions to producing pioneering devices. Currently, our product portfolio promotes smart security, smart communications, smart media, and smart information. See our product portfolio.

  • 5. What industries do NTEK serve?

    In view of our role as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), we establish partnerships with solution providers, resellers, distributors, system integrators and other sales channels to cater to intended markets. The industries we work with include Security, Consumer & Home, Telecom, Government, and many more. We help enterprises offer quality and timely technology products and solutions that bring them closer to their consumers. These partnerships inspire us to maintain momentum of technical competence and continuously deliver value-adding products to our clients and partners worldwide.

  • 6. Do you have affiliates?

    While we conduct our manufacturing processes here in the Philippines where products are synthesized and assembled, we work together with our Korean partner, Smart Bean for Research and Design. This two-country operation serves as a focal point of our engagement with multi-industry clients, both locally and abroad.

  • 7. How many employees do NTEK have?

    We are 60 employees in the company. Our engineers, developers, product managers, and various professionals are highly skilled in multi-platform technologies. We pay tribute to the skills, expertise, fortitude, and creativity of our people as we look forward to the future. Learn what it is like to work at NTEK.

  • 8. I want to partner with NTEK, what kind of partnerships do you offer?

    Buoyed by the industry growth, we aim for business partnerships that cannot only help us introduce our products internationally, but also help you gain an opportunity to capture a share of an exponentially growing technology products and solutions market. Guided by the aforementioned operational models, we wish to build this partnership through any of the following frameworks:

    • a. Manufacturer-Vendor/Retailer Partnership

      Under this framework, we will directly provide our existing products to you as ordered and specified.

    • b. Manufacturer-Customized Technology Contractee Partnership

      We will customize our products based on your specific requirements or based on your particular demand for an integrated solution.

    • Partner with us as we continue threading the path of innovation.

  • 9. How would NTEK benefit me from this partnership?

    In view of the market opportunities, we are proposing the partnership as a chance for both our companies to enjoy profit growth while gaining more reach and business flexibility. As the direct player in the market, you are in the right position to introduce our innovations. Here are the direct benefits to your business:

    • a. Enhances your technology solutions portfolio

      Stay ahead in terms of technology advancements. Adopt our products as part of your solutions and use it to augment your portfolio.

    • b. Increases your revenue

      On top of your current solutions, increase your profit margin by offering any of our products as a high value-added device.

    • c. Gain a share of a growing market

      With our innovative products, you can capture an exponentially growing market for IoT- focused solutions.

    • Get in touch with one of our Sales team to know more.

  • 10. How can I obtain help with setup and installation of my device?

    Our Technical Support Team is available from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Philippine time. Customers in the Philippines can call us at +63 2 4401225. International customers can reach us +63 3 4404106. Or talk with us via Skype between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Philippine time (sales.ntek).

  • 11. Where can I find current press releases or news about NTEK?

    Visit our News & Events page or join our mailing list to receive updates about our company, Philippine time. Customers in the Philippines can call us at +63 2 4401225. International customers can reach us +63 3 4404106. Or talk with us via Skype between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Philippine time (sales.ntek).


  • 1. How does DoorTalk work?

    DoorTalk expands your Home and Office communication through the internet allowing you to see and talk with visitors through your smart device. Have complete control by connecting your registered devices to the Session Initiation Protocol server. It will send you notifications for any security triggered events integrating motion sensors, night visibility, and face detection. Its on- demand video call allows you to access anytime the camera feed and check what is happening in your front door or entry-point. You can control access point features such as electronic door locks and alarms via our free downloadable app from anywhere at any time. Now that's what a smart video intercom is about. Learn more.

  • 2. Does DoorTalk come in different models?

    Yes. We have four models of DoorTalk: DT Standard, DT Lite, and DT Gold (Premium or Prime). Doortalk vary in sizes and functionalities. Click to see brochure.

  • 3. What are the available colours for DoorTalk?

    The DoorTalk Standard and Lite come in white and black colours. While the DoorTalk Gold series, Prime comes in silver and Premium is in dark blue.

  • 4. What is the power range of Doortalk?

    DoorTalk needs a power supply of 5-12 VDC/2A to operate.

  • 5. Does DoorTalk come with a battery?

    DoorTalk doesn't come with a backup battery. An alternative way to keep the DoorTalk up and running in the event of power outage is by using a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

  • 6. What is SIP?

    SIP stands for the Session Initiation Protocol. It is a communications protocol for signalling and controlling multimedia communication sessions. Its most common applications include Internet telephony for voice and video calls, as well as instant messaging, over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. This is the technology used for DoorTalk.

  • 7. Can I use 2 or more Doortalk in my house?

    You can have multiple DoorTalk devices as long as all devices are connected to the SIP server. You can view and control your DoorTalk devices from your smart phone/gadget using the DoorTalk app. To choose which DoorTalk device to view, the options can be found in the main screen of the app. It is in the right side and is in a drop down list.

  • 8. What if someone steals my DoorTalk?

    DooorTalk is equipped with proprietary security screws that keep the device securely mounted.

  • 9. I want to be a distributor/reseller for DoorTalk, what pricing is available?

    Please send us email and we will provide you with full documentation.

Setup & Installation

  • 1. What do I need to setup my DoorTalk?

    You need a DoorTalk unit, a SIP server, and a smart gadget (e.g. phone, tablet, VoIP phone) with a DoorTalk app installed in configuring the unit.

  • 2. App: Where can I download the Doortalk app?

    Download the free DoorTalk app from Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. It works on Android 3.0+ and iOS 6+ to download. We are working to make it available in Windows.

  • 3. DoorLock: How do I unlock and lock the door using the DoorTalk app?

    You need to have your door lock system integrated with the DoorTalk device. The door control options are in the app. See manual page for integrating doorlock to DoorTalk.

  • 4. Do I need an existing doorbell in installing DoorTalk?

    No. However, you can integrate DoorTalk with your existing doorbell. See DoorTalk manual Connecting Your Doorbell page 12 for more details.

  • 5. Can I mount my DoorTalk to any surface?

    Doortalk is designed to fit any house design and can be mounted in any type of surface.


  • 1. Operating Temperature: Will DoorTalk work in extreme temperatures? Is it waterproof?

    All Doortalk models can withstand temperature of -20 °C to 48 °C. Both DoorTalk Standard and Lite have IP55 rate, which makes it protected from limited dust and low pressure water jets. While DoorTalk Gold have IP65 rate, protected from total dust and low pressure water jets.

  • 2. Camera: Does DoorTalk works at night?

    Doortalk has 6 IR Illuminators to capture motion and activity even at night. You can capture images and video footages visibly even at night.

  • 3. Video on Demand: I want to see the outside of my house even if there is no motion triggered or no visitor pressed the button. Is it possible?

    DoorTalk has a video on-demand feature allowing you to access the camera feed for you to see what's going on in your front door anytime, anywhere through the Doortalk app.

  • 4. What certification/s does DoorTalk have?

    DoorTalk is CE (European Conformity) and FCC (Federal Communication Commission) certified.

  • 5. How does the Motion sensor and Face Detection work?

    When the motion sensor detects movement, it activates the camera, captures the event by taking the image of the person, then sends it to the event server, and sends push notifications to smart device through the DoorTalk app and through email. All DoorTalk models have 3 meter radius for the motion sensor.

  • 6. Storage: Can I capture and store images?

    Yes, during active call, you can capture images and it will automatically save on your DoorTalk app and on your smart gadget. You have the option to delete.

  • 7. Internet: What if I do not have Internet connection, will I still be able to see my visitors?

    DoorTalk works even without Internet as long it is connected to the Local Area Network (LAN). You can still view and talk with visitors via SIP technology of DoorTalk. This is the video intercom feature of DoorTalk.

  • 8. Why do I need to connect Doortalk to my Internet network when it is already connected to the SIP server?

    Internet is needed to send and receive notifications. Without Internet, the DoorTalk device cannot send notification to your smart gadget, and your smart gadget cannot receive notifications. However, you will still receive all notifications once you are connected to the Internet.

  • 9. Multiple users/Devices: How many users can be given access to DoorTalk?

    Five (5) devices can be registered and given access to Doortalk. To set up access for the other users, see manual page.

  • 10. Will all the users that have access to the DoorTalk be notified of every event?

    All users can receive notifications if they are approved by the main account (admin) to receive notifications.

  • 11. Multiple Users: If there are 2 smart devices connected to DoorTalk and the first priority device declines the call from DoorTalk, what will happen?

    The call will be automatically transferred to the second priority device.

  • 12. Multiple Users: Is it possible to receive simultaneous calls from DoorTalk to all the devices connected to the network?

    Yes, through Group Calling feature of the SIP IP-PBX or Cloud SIP Server.

Payment & Shipping

  • 1. Where can I place my order?

    To place your order kindly click here, one of our Sales team will get in touch with you.

  • 2. Is shipping delivery included in the price of the Doortalk?

    Shipping fee is excluded from the price.

  • 3. Is there a monthly (subscription) fee for storage of data?

    By acquiring DoorTalk, you do not need to pay a monthly subscription fee for the storage of your data. Storage of your data will depend on the capacity of smart gadget's memory.


  • 1. I cannot call my DoorTalk device and I cannot receive any calls from it.

    DoorTalk is simple to use, but is very technical because of its arranged features. This means that several factors may affect its performance and issues can be solved through any of the following solutions.

    • Wait a few moments - a call may be currently in session with another registered mobile device.

      For security reasons, DoorTalk has been programmed to accommodate only one call at a time. This means that if someone is currently using DoorTalk, no one can interfere with the call in session. Wait for a few moments, until the call is finished before making a call.

    • b. Check the quality of your mobile Wi-Fi network.

      Try browsing websites to check if your internet connection truly works. Your mobile device may show a strong signal, however, the network you are connected to may be faulty or may require some log-in details to allow internet access. Make sure the details you provide, such as user name and password, are accurate.

    • c. Try to connect to a stronger Wi-Fi connection if possible.

      Your DoorTalk or mobile device's internet connection may be weak. Note that factors like distance, wall materials and electronic devices, such as microwave ovens and Wi-Fi speakers, can affect the range and strength of your Wi-Fi signal. When choosing a location for your DoorTalk device, make sure to check for wireless signal strength within the area. Check the Wi-Fi signal on your mobile device to see whether signal within the selected area is strong or weak. You may move your router around and nearer to the location of your DoorTalk device to increase connection strength.

    • d. You may need to re-establish connection.

      Whenever the DoorTalk app is running on your mobile device, you will see a small sphere (dot) on your status bar which changes color to indicate server connection status.

      Red = mobile device is not connected to the proper network

      Gray = mobile device is on standby and is trying to connect to the selected network

      Green = mobile device is connected and calls can be made

      If the icon is on Red, your network connection may be down and you may need to re- establish connection through a reset process. Another cause may be the inaccurate establish connection through a reset process. Another cause may be the inaccurate Profile) or ask your administrator for assistance.

    • e. Your DoorTalk may need rebooting.

      Just like other electronic devices, times may come when the system may need to be rebooted and refreshed. This rarely happens, however, when all other options fail to solve the issue, try unplugging your device and plugging it back to its power source in order to perform a soft reboot. Wait for about 10-20 seconds or until you hear "Connected" before using the device again.

    • f. DoorTalk may need to be re-configured properly.

      If all the options above have not been able to solve the problem, there may have been an error during the setup process of your device. You will need to hard reset your DoorTalk device (see "How to Hard Reset DoorTalk") and set it up again with your mobile device (see "Setting Up Your DoorTalk Device"). Make sure that the steps are followed properly and details are accurately provided. Ask your network administrator for assistance if necessary.

  • 2. My DoorTalk application force closes.

    Check or close some of your running applications. Some applications, or the number of applications running on your mobile device, may interfere with the performance of other running applications. They can take up memory space and slow down the processing system of your mobile device. Try closing some unimportant applications.

  • 3. The video quality on my mobile device is poor.

    The quality of the video you receive on your mobile device will depend on a few factors.

    • Internet connection speed

      Try connecting to a stronger mobile or Wi-Fi network, or contact your internet service provider to ask about how to increase your network speed.

    • b. Capacity or type of mobile device

      Not all mobile devices are created equal. Some devices have better video quality than others and, therefore, you may see a difference in video quality between mobile devices.

  • 4. Some features/functions are not working or are inaccessible.

    Depending on your setup, you may need to ask your DoorTalk device administrator for permission to activate some of the features within the DoorTalk application. Only the administrator has complete access to all the functions and features of the DoorTalk application, which is meant to make management and use of the device more efficient and secure.

  • 5. Delays are often experienced during calls.

    Factors to this issue may vary from simply the quality of your network connection, to a more technical cause such as your location's distance to the network server's geographic location, which may be beyond your control. Contact your network administrator for guidance on this issue.

  • 6. The red LED is always on, even when DoorTalk is not in use.

    This may happen when something had interfered during a call or if a particular operation halts unexpectedly. When this happens, simply unplug your device from its power source and plug it again to do a soft reboot. The device will say "Connected" when the booting process is complete and when it has connected to your network.

Smart Entry

  • 1. What is Visitor Management System?

    A Visitor Management System is designed for better management of visitors and personnel in your facility, allowing for a more convenient and secured entry. A VMS automates and simplifies the entire process of visitor registration. A VM system helps the organization track visitor information, analyze and maintain digital records of them. It also aids them avoid manual human writing errors vital to such visitor information.

    Learn more about the benefits of employing VMS in your facility. View our SlideShare presentation.

  • 2. What is Smart Entry?

    Smart Entry is the first access control system that protects your company by integrating various security measures. Smart Entry facilitates biometric entry-point registration, tracking employee attendance and company visitors. Smart Entry allows property administrators to engage visitors in a video call, with its built-in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) server. Smart Entry can connect up to fifty (50) smart gadgets, allowing them to communicate with each other. Smart Entry is built for companies just like yours.

  • 3. How does the Smart Entry works?

    Smart Entry enhances the security of your facility's entry points via a range of biometrics various security measures. Smart Entry facilitates biometric entry-point registration, tracking employee attendance and company visitors. Smart Entry allows property administrators to engage visitors in a video call, with its built-in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) server. Smart Entry can connect up to fifty (50) smart gadgets, allowing them to communicate with each other. Smart Entry is built for companies just like yours.

  • 4. What are the available colours for Smart Entry?

    Smart Entry comes in two colours, silver and black.

  • 5. What is the power range of Smart Entry?

    Smart Entry needs a power supply of 5-12 VDC/2A to operate.

  • 6. Can I install 2 or more Smart Entry devices in my facility?

    You can install multiple Smart Entry devices anywhere in your facility, which is usually at employees and visitors' entry-points. The single-entry point installation is ideal for buildings with single main entry point, such as premium residential complexes and condominiums. The multiple-entry point installation acts as a centralized administration of your Smart Entry units. This is ideal for facilities with multiple entry points, such as office buildings, commercial facilities, hotels and lodgings, and industrial complexes.

  • 7. What do I need to setup Smart Entry?

    You need a Smart Entry device and an Internet connection (WiFi or LAN) in setting up. The Internet is needed to send and receive notifications. Without Internet, the Smart Entry device cannot send notification to your smart gadget, and your smart gadget cannot receive notifications.

  • 8. How do visitors and employees register?

    Visitors and employees can register on site. See manual page.

  • 9. How do people sign in and out of the building?

    A visitor or employee will be given a PIN code by the administrator during registration. The PIN code will be used for sign in and out.

  • 10. How many users can be set as admin?

    Each Smart Entry device allows two (2) smart gadgets/users as administrators. To set as admin, change the user type. See

  • 11. Can visitors and employees connect their smart gadgets to Smart Entry?

    Employees and visitors can connect their smart gadgets such as phone and tablets as long as it has Android OS. They can receive notifications and view their log-in history. They can also make and receive calls as long as they are connected to the SIP server.

  • 12. How does the Face Recognition work?

    When a user registers, a visitor or employee, the camera captures his facial image for data profiling. Once his profile is stored in the database, every time the user signs in or out using their PIN code, the Smart Entry will verify the user's identity via Face Recognition feature.

  • 13. What information is collected by the system?

    The Smart Entry collects information of users, visitors and employees, and transforms it into reports. Reports include Visits by a Guest, Employee Attendance Log, Call History, and Event-Triggered Notifications. The reports can be collected and downloaded as Excel file format from the database online. On the search engine, just type the SIP IP address. The default SIP IP address is "" and is included in the Smart Entry package.

  • 14. How can Smart Entry help me during emergencies?

    Smart Entry improves security by identifying who are in the facility quickly and accurately, especially in emergency situations.

  • 15. I want to be a distributor/reseller for Smart Entry, what pricing is available?

    Please send us email and we will provide you with full documentation.