The Next Generation Video Intercom
and Access Control Solution

What's New?

Built-in IP-PBX
(SIP server)

120° Angle
& Auto-Focus Camera

(Easy Install)

DoorTalk is the WiFi enabled video intercom that expands communication using a built-in IP-PBX. With the DoorTalk App installed in your smartphone, you can see hear and talk with visitors, family and loved ones from anywhere. DoorTalk is equipped with security features and access control function that proactively keeps you safe.

Stay Connected with Loved Ones

Let your family and visitors reach you with just the press of a button and attend to their needs immediately. With a built-in IP-PBX, communicate with each other through the DoorTalk Application.

Manage Entry Points with Ease

See your guests when you talk to them through your smart device. Get notified when someone is within your property even if you are on the go.

Enjoy Security at Your Fingertips

Integrate your security systems with DoorTalk and remotely manage from your smart device. Automate select alarm and lock devices such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, and contact closure detectors.

Customize as You See Fit

No matter what industry you are in, DoorTalk offers greater flexibility for customization. Depending on your needs, you can either integrate the application to your existing software or let us build a new set of features tailored fit to your industry requirements.

The DoorTalk Series



Gold Prime

Gold Premium

Smart Life Experience

Further enjoy the comfort of your home by using the combination of DoorTalk and DoorPad.

Let Doortalk secure your house exterior with motion sensor, night visibility and face detection. It will proactively send you push notifications for any triggered incidents. Engage with any visitor that comes to your door.

Call Receiving

Vision Support


Motion Detection

Easy to

Android™ and iOS

Multiple Device

Wi-Fi or LAN

Event Call

Remote Door
Control Function

Your DoorTalk