The latest generation of law enforcement video recorder

developed at NTEK Systems with cutting edge video-audio

encoding technology which combines digital video/still image

recording, digital sound recording, radio handset, speaker, HD

display and other advance features into a single handheld


See it all clearly anytime, anywhere

Hawkeye Body Camera offers HD video streaming and

recording for reliable incident monitoring and evidence

production. Clear view of operation in dark areas is not a

problem with Night Vision feature. The device was made

even more reliable with water and shock resistance.

Manage video and data efficiently

Record videos with the touch of a single button; upload files to

data server and backup recordings with easily and securely.

Review video recordings based on location or time & date

stamps. Implement unique coding system for better

management of devices.

Protect and secure video and data

Prevent unauthorized access and duplication of video

recordings via data encryption and password application.

Secure data from tampering and alteration.

A must have tool for any law enforcement officer to

enhance their effectiveness and efficiency in daily operation.